Gentle Reminder: Your Thread May Have Been Moved

Greetings, friends!

You may have noticed we have some shiny new categories on the forums! The mods are going through and organizing like wildfire to make sure all past topics are in their homes. If you think your thread might have disappeared, please take a moment to search for the title and make sure it didn’t end up in a different category.

Otherwise, feel free to reply to this thread and we’ll help you locate it. If it has been moved and you feel its categorization is in error, you can let us know that, too!

Thank you for your understanding as we undergo some autumnal housekeeping!


Thanks for making this app so amazing :slight_smile:


I made a thread to inquire about this, but asking it here probably would have been better. If a thread contains topics of multiple boards (i.e what is your favorite adaptation from comic to film and include sources? ), how do you determine whether this thread would fit better in general, comic, or movies/tv show/video games board?

@abfgmsw Just do your best deciding! We really only move threads that are notably miscategorized (i.e. Any user threads in Watchtower, film threads in comic books, comics in film, etc.) :slight_smile:


Ok, thank you. I have noticed a few threads of mine moved, although I was unsure about a couple of them.

But, I have also seen nearly all boards with a similar- worded topic thread (i.e. asking about a missing movie or tv show in discussion [who else thinks it should be included and maybe with enough people liking or responding, people will notice], movies, and suggestion box- to get it included).