Gentle Reminder: Use Spoiler Tag!

Greetings, friends! We’ve seen a fair amount of topics posted that have spoilers in the body, or even right in the title! Please be respectful to our fellow fans and warn them with a handy-dandy “Spoiler” tag in your post, P&TY.


Bumping this on up!

It would be useful if I can go back to a thread I created and add spoiler tag. I can only do it when created. Also how long after something occurs is it no longer considered a spoiler? A story from decades ago? A tv show older than ten years?

@ImpulseMaxMercury, we’re thinking more like Titans, the CW shows, and other original content. IS there an official statement on the spoiler statue of limitations? I’m going to throw out… one week. Eh?

As for being able to go back and add a tag, that is definitely a function we are cooking in the kitchen. Stay tuned!

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Hahaha, sounds like JL saw a spoiler- Boo-urns!