General DC Collecting Chit-Chat

Not news or sharing a recent pick-up/find, so I wanted to give this a bump.

I was recently thinking back on DC lines of the last two decades that I never bought anything from, and Art Asylum’s C3 line came to mind.

What was this line, you ask?

C3, an abbreviation of “create, construct and customize”, was Art Asylum’s first go-around with DC Minimates, and featured them in Lego-esque building sets, many of which can be seen in eBay pictures below:

The above pictures are by no means the entirety of Art Asylum’s C3 DC output, but they do represent a generous portion of the line.

C3 was one of many fun DC lines that debuted in 2003, alongside Mattel’s initial output of DC product, which consisted of Justice League (the TV series), animated Batman and their first 6-inch DC line, Batman, which featured beautiful sculpts by the Four Horsemen and is a line that easily stands the test of time two decades upon its release.

Did/do you have anything from Art Asylum’s C3 line?

Is this now a line you’re interested in and will ardently check eBay and elsewhere for (if so, the timing is right, as demand for the line seems to be pretty low ATM)?