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I’ll get the bottle spinnin’…

Earlier today, I opened the DC Multiverse Carrie Kelly Robin and Endless Winter Wonder Woman figures by McFarlane Toys.

Both are pretty darn great. CK Robin looks like she stepped right off the page of The Dark Knight Returns, while Wonder Woman has an impressive heft and is very nicely detailed.

My one nit to pick on Wonder Woman is that her ponytail prevents her head from being able to be posed at a perfectly upright position when you want her to look face forward in a neutral pose.

Her head isn’t completely angled by any means, and you most definitely can get her posed in a solid vanilla pose. This is just a minute detail that my four eyes picked up on. :nerd_face:

Also, the scabbard for Diana’s sword has the opening that other scabbards in the Multiverse line have had (think those for Deathstroke, as well as both versions of the Last Knight on Earth Wonder Woman), which…doesn’t really bother me, because you honestly don’t see the opening all that much (or at all, in the case of the LKOE WW), but it doesn’t really need to be there either, because these scabbards should be whole and completely cover the sword, not just the side that faces whomever is behind a particular character.

Anyhow, both figures are pretty sweet and definitely worth a look if you enjoy Wonder Woman and/or the Carrie Kelly Robin.


I have an issue with the McFarlane inspired Wonder Woman. I feel like I can’t pose her very well and her sword seems to fall out often. Plus I think her sword is either crooked or just way too big.


Her sword is definitely of a decent heft.

Mine holds it well when I’m posing/playing around with her, but when she’s on-display with other figures, I usually have her holding the sword with the blade facing down, so as to have most of the weight be opposite her hand.


I have mine at the very bottom of my bookcase.


snaps fingers together

Eureka, I’ve the perfect solution! :point_up:t2: :clark_hv_4:

Move her arm up high enough to where the tip of the blade can securely rest against the back of your bookcase.

I’ve done this with figures that bear similarly-styled accessories and it always works. You don’t need to worry about the blade falling as her arm is up high and the weight of the blade should be “handled” (for lack of a more polished way to put it) by the wall of the bookcase.


Still waiting on BBTS to fulfill my order on Wondy. They’re reliable, but usually get the McFarlane stuff later than the big stores. Not sure where she will fit in my collection, but I’ll make room for her.

Regarding the McFarlane designed Wonder Woman sword, I feel like it’s a very nicely sculpted & painted piece, but way too big to look good on her, so mine is stashed away.

In my own collecting bubble:

I’m waiting on a big piece from Tweeterhead that I pre-ordered over a year ago:

Hoping they will start shipping this soon (supposedly in the next month), but who knows. I have a spot eyed for it & will share as soon as it arrives.

Speaking of statues, DC Direct have left a huge vacuum. The DC statue market is just not the same without them. Sure there’s companies like Iron Studios, Sideshow, and the extravagantly expensive Prime 1 putting put great pieces… but DC Direct put out more pieces than all those combined, at a better price to value ratio as well. Sure hope McFarlane’s bid to revive the brand is successful (and they put out something other than just Bat characters).


Diggin’ that Superman (I probably said so when you originally brought it up, but its so nice that it bears repeating, I find)!

I would bet that we’ll see more statues in the Multiverse line this year, and from Black Adam, The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

As for comic statues, I’d like to see those in the Multiverse line as well (and you know that if Tood and Friends do something Superman-related, I’ll have to snag it :grin:) and be done by DC Direct too, where applicable.

I can’t imagine WBCP let McFarlane Toys effectively absorb DC Direct so as to only do Batman-related statues afterall.

I mean, I sure hope not. I want some Jim Lee statues that I can actually afford, dagnabbit! :joy:

BTW @moro: While I know the year is early, the Endless Winter Wonder Woman is already a contender for my #1 fav basic assortment Multiverse figure of 2022.

What can I say? I like badass women who make for badass action figures. :grin:


That’s the thing. DC Direct/Collectibles last couple years were terrible in terms of character variety. We criticize McFarlane’s Batman output now, but back then almost every DC Direct statue was Bat family or villain. Seeing Todd pick up basically where they left off is concerning to me just a tad.

Having said that, I like the inclusion of pvc statues in the Multiverse line. What Todd is doing is basically taking the place of DC Direct and the more affordable (but now defunct) Diamond Select DC Gallery line. Having it all come from one place can offer some cool synergies, like we’re seeing with all The Batman products.

You & me both, brother… you & me both.


How are those?

I’ve seen Shazam, the DKR Catwoman and The Drowned at Walmart and they look pretty darn good.

I’ve seen power armor Lex at Walmart as well in YouTube toy hunt videos, and he looks pretty slick, too.

Worth the price (which is comparable to McFarlane’s Multiverse statues, if memory serves)?


Yeah, they’re worth the $40-$50 price tag. 9” scale, nice sculpts and well applied paints, also surprisingly hefty. Of course they’re PVC, but you’re not getting resin/polystone at that price. I always thought they were the perfect “entry level” statues. I think Multiverse statues are going to be 12” scale though, judging by The Batman, so they won’t play nice with DC Gallery. Here’s the three (er… four, counting that other guy) that I have:


Good to know.

I wasn’t planning on snagging any of them, but once I saw Luthor in a toy hunt video, my interest shot up like a sleeping cat when it hears the tuna can opening.

Maybe one day when I’m caught up on current wants and have some extra bones to bury in Walmart’s pockets, I’ll look into that Lex statue.


I do have the Diamond Select Green Arrow from the “Arrow” series, and I do have my eye on that Batman that you showed in your image (Wherever I can find it). But my Arrow statue already made up my mind on Diamond Select’s statues and I’m all in. Other than that Batman statue, I’m planning on getting…


Nice! Good luck with your hunt. Many of the pieces are sold out and will only be available on the secondary market. Though they are very nice, I wouldn’t pay too much of a premium for ‘em, so just be wary of folks trying to sell too high.


Thx for the tip. You’d think that not many people would buy these kinds of things to collect or take advantage of them and raise prices, but I get surprised each time that people are fans of these characters or properties lol


M’kay, I opened the McFarlane Black Adam a while ago, and he’s pretty darn rad.

The sculpt is nice, with ample detail all through his suit and his face perfectly conveys the strength and (sometimes to an arrogant degree) confidence that Teth-Adam is known for.

The articulation is solid, especially in his upper torso’s butterfly joints. They move very smoothly and allow for a nice range of movement.

The lightning effect pieces are rad accessories, and once you get them on, they really add a nice charge to Adam’s overall aesthetic, especially if you have him posed to where he’s ready to rumble.

I wouldn’t be surprised if parts of this figure are used for the movie Black Adam, and if they were that’d be fine, because its a sensible reuse.

Also, I’m betting we see the lightning effect pieces again and again, which is fine, because once again, its sensible reuse.

If and when we get a New 52 Shazam in the Multiverse line, I would bet dollars to doughnuts that he’ll be a kitbash of parts from this Adam and new tooling as well.

Overall, a very solid figure, and a groovy addition to the growing JSA ranks of the Multiverse line.


I just opened up my Superman from The Dark Knight. His head was being a little stiff so i tried turning it and well it broke right off. It’s my first one to happen to me like this.


Man, that sucks


:00_batgirl_cass_cain: My THE BATMAN by McFarlane figure review. :00_batman_1989:

So starting with Batman himself, I really like this figure. The details it is pretty on point with how the actual suit looks. Now of course all the paint isn’t going to be correct like the belt for example. That’s painted all black when it actually has silver bits to it. When I took this guy out I finally found out that this Batman also has those blades on his gloves just like the previous iterations of Batman. I honestly thought they took those blades out for this version of Batman until I saw this figure, so that was a fun new detail to learn. The articulation is pretty decent, except for the head. Why the head? That is because the figure I received has the cowl hanging in the back. I ended up getting one of the Batman figures with the QC issues. I tried taking that hanging piece out, but unfortunately, it is glued to the cape, which belongs to the unmasked version with the Bruce Wayne head. In the end, it doesn’t bother me that much. I’m personally okay with it. If you’re hesitant about purchasing this figure, I’d go for it. If this one doesn’t fit your needs. PLEASE GO BUY THE 12 INCH BATMAN figures. Those are really cool. Good luck finding the Jim Lee-inspired one, but there are 2 more. The full-colored version and an incoming Gold variant that’s been marked with the Platinum sticker.

The Riddler. When I first saw the Riddler’s design in the first trailer we got, I wasn’t really a big fan of it. As time went by especially in the last year with what we’ve seen out of this movie, I actually really dig this version of Riddler. I find it refreshing, compared to the ones played by Jim Carrey and Frank Gorshin. It matches the entire tone of the film, with its dark, creepy, Zodiac feeling. So when I got this figure I was pretty happy with it. The articulation on his head and torso are a bit limited due to him wearing the raincoat and the mask piece. Other than that, the arms and legs move very well and I am still trying to figure out what the hell that weapon is? :laughing: If you know the answer to that riddle, plz let me know. It’s a good figure too, I would get it because it’s different from past iterations and really sets the tone for the movie. I really do see the Riddler going to be a popular Halloween costume this year

Sorry about the quality. I’m currently repairing my phone, so I had to use my laptop camera


A few minutes ago, I was playing around with the 4-inch Selina, Batman and Penguin from Spin Master’s line for The Batman.

I’ve had these figures for nearly 3 months, and I just now realized that the handle to Penguin’s umbrella is removable to reveal a sword!

As if this figure wasn’t already neat enough (due to his briefcase, its stack of cash and how neat Penguin himself is), the fact that he has a two-in-one umbrella makes him even cooler.

Kind of outdoes McFarlane’s Penguin and his accessory count by a smidge of a squidge. :smirk: