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Infinitely happy! DC stuff is exploding on HBO Max and getting a wider audience and we’re getting more awesome comics, and twice as fast now!


I mean, the only reason I don’t like it is because there won’t be movies and TV shows.
But that’s a big reason.

8:03pm 9/18/2020


Oh, the link is working now.


Very excited about the shorter delay on new releases. Also the addition of Black Label books. This puts the service in the same category as other unlimited comics subscriptions and that’s what I wanted from DC.

I want the opportunity to feed my comic book addiction and stay current as well as dig into all the series I never got a chance to read, all without going broke and/or having my house overcome with floppies.

I’m glad DCU is sticking around with a new mission.


I mainly use DCU for comics-- I’ll miss the shows, but after the big library expansion, those were just a bonus. Hopefully we’ll get another big release of older comics-- we need 60s-80s Superman and Green Lantern!


I am happy in the long run. I know that nobody asked for these changes. I don’t like paying extra money to subscribe to HBO Max, BUT I do like the new comics after 6 months and expanded comics library. I didn’t want DCU to shut down so I’m satisfied with this.


Really not happy they are not going to keep the TV version. I’m guessing all the DCAU content is going to HBO Max. I can’t get HBO Max on any of our smart TV’s. The old cartoons are a favorite of my daughter and I. I try to read comics on the TV too but that only works 1/4 of the time. Seems only the newer comics work. Not sure if it’s a resolution mismatch problem. My daughter will read from an IPad and I read of the TV. We read different parts. I do the male and she does the female parts. It really is fun for us.
And Brave and the Bold is the best show for parent and kid to watch together. I hope Roku and HBO solve their issue.
Also I think it’s a good time to make a new Batman cartoon. It’s been way to long. The kids market is only Teen Titans Go, Superhero Girls/High and the Justice League show.
The move from 12 months to 6 for new comics is great and the digital 1st stuff is awesome too. Wife keeps asking what are these $0.99 charges are. Keeping the price relatively the same is good too. Loosing all video really stinks. Gaining more comics cool.


Very mixed. Plenty of good and bad. Might have to make sure I can say "I have watched all 40(+) DCAOM films while I can.


If you can’t get it for free, it really is worth subscribing. My family and I have been subscribing to HBO since the mid-'90s and there’s always great series to watch. There are just too many to name, but I could. It just would make a very long list. And with HBO Max you’re getting all of that, PLUS more DC content (don’t forget that HBO Max is doing a Green Lantern show and a Justice League Dark show, and a few more DC shows I’m forgetting right now). Plus they have oodles of other content, like all of Studio Ghibli, loads of great new and classic movies, lots of other series including many CN shows which are criminally underrated like Infinity Train. And of course their own Max originals, which I haven’t checked out that much yet, but the new show Close Enough was hilarious and I’m really intrigued by Raised by Wolves and Unpregnant (but that’s a movie). Sorry for the rant. Rant over. Go get HBO Max!


The thing is that I work a lot and have other things to do also. I can barely keep up with watching an episode every week of something xD. I’m glad you’re enjoying it, truly. I have very little interest in anything that HBO Max is offering outside of the DC shows/movies.


That’s fair enough but with the amount of DC content that will only be growing at HBO Max in the coming years, it’s kind of a must for a DC fan!

Kinda like if you’re a Marvel or a Star Wars fan, then Disney+ is a must.


I hope they add the older issues in larger quanititys then before because I want all of 'Tective on here.


They’re working as much as they can on restoring the old comics, it’s a painstaking job, but we’re getting new old issues on a weekly basis and that’s not going to stop.


I feel like this service is sort of “funding” that endeavor, or at least giving them a reason to digitize them.


Yeah but Disney+ doesn’t have the older star wars cartoons like the 2d Clone Wars (A classic), Ewoks and Droids or the 60’s Marvel Super Heros show.

While DC Universe has the older shows like Shazam, Super Friends


At least in part, sure, I think so too! Which is why I’m staying subscribed forever! I want future generations to have EVERY SINGLE ISSUE that has even been published by DC or its imprints or acquired companies at their fingertips (or uploaded in their brains I guess).


Im grateful there is still a place for unlimited comics. Saved a lot of money not buying trades and I like the freedom it gives me. Only downside is no roku support but the HBO max for 5 bucks more than makes up for it


That’s because DC believes in the concept of a multiverse and Marvel and SW kinda don’t.


I’m a bit worried about the account switches. zthe subscribtions I mean.