Gen Con is cancelled

So Gen Con is cancelled and it was going to be my first Con! If you don’t know Gen Con is Indianapolis, Indiana Comic Con; does anyone know of any other con being cancelled. What are your thoughts on it! Also, I have an @Applejack, and @GreenLantern , @HubCityQuestion also my buddy @Kon-El is there any way we could set up a virtual CON exclusively to the DC Universe? We could have at home Cosplay contest; a fan run q&a I would love to ask a comic staple some awesome questions from a fan ! Have a cool I did the Virtual Con 2020 badge. Give out cool prizes and bonus points for the rewards. Have some exclusive funko, McFarland toys, and other items shirts. We have a while to plan it and it would be a great way to have new subscribers .


My local con was canceled last month. :pensive:


We do have Q&As going all the time! Just today we got to speak to Marv Wolfman. And yesterday we had Kevin Smith! And people are always welcome to post cosplay.


I am saying like what if I or another regular person hosting a Q&A on video live . I know people cosplay but let’s do an actual contest with prizes 1, 2, 3 place and best try . A DC Universe online comic con.