GCPD: THE BLUE WALL Limited Series

The top cops of Gotham City, led by Commissioner Renee Montoya, will soon become the central stars of GCPD: The Blue Wall, a Batman-related limited series written by Academy Award-winner John Ridley and illustrated by Stefano Raffaele.

DC released a preview for the first issue of the series at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC0. The preview features a cover by Reiko Murakami showing Montoya and her officers standing proud as the silhouette of Batman looms over them. Interiors for the issue show Montoya giving a speech to Gotham City Police Department officers and reveal down-to-earth interactions between several cops on the force.


This sounds really cool. I love to collect limited series like this with other books as companion pieces that either have similar premises or share a thematic theme.

So this and Tom King’s Gotham City: Year one are now in my headcannon in the same continuity once I buy both in paperback.

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Yeah, when some say there’s too many Bat-books, I’m always like, “No, there’s not too many, and there’s plenty of room for more.” :smiling_face:

You can do a ton of stuff in Gotham City.

And yeah, the Tom King book sounds really great too.

Both of these I’m going to get as soon as they come out, I don’t want to wait six months later for them…

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John Ridley writing Renee Montoya?!
I’m in!
(I mean, I want more Renee as the Question, but old school Detective Montoya is the perfect lead for this book!)



I wouldn’t be totally shocked if The Question showed up…

She probably won’t get dressed up though, going by the solicits…

Written by JOHN RIDLEY
1:25 variant cover by JORGE FORNES
1:50 case file variant cover
$3.99 US | 32 pages | 1 of 6 | Variant $4.99 US (card stock)
ON SALE 10/18/22
Still relatively early in her tenure as GCPD commissioner, Renee Montoya sets out to rebuild her department and restore public faith in the historically troubled PD during some of the worst conditions it’s ever seen. But Renee can’t do it alone—in order for her plan to work, everyone from the topmost officials all the way down to the most fresh-faced new officers must contend with the harsh realities of being a symbol of law and order in a city of super-powered saviors and superhuman lawlessness. DC is proud to present GCPD: The Blue Wall by the stellar team of Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley and artist Stefano Raffaele. This six-part miniseries is a thought-provoking and riveting story of everyday people trying to do good in the midst of a flawed system. No one said protecting a city like Gotham would be easy.

…but she might.

But yeah, this is going to be cool either way.


It’s possible – but I can’t help but notice the solicit for I Am Batman #14, also by Ridley, includes this little tidbit:

The mystery of a pair of brutal murders is solved, a hero is born, and a mantle is passed. The conclusion of the intense “She Got Next” saga will reverberate from New York all the way back to Gotham City as it sets up the next chapters for both Jace Fox and Renee Montoya.

So it’s possible that Renee might pass the mantle of The Question to somone else, the most likely one I think being Tam Fox.

Anyway, this sounds pretty interesting – definitely a different side and angle than the usual bat-books, and considering how many there are going to be come October, it’s gonna need it.



I was thinking Adriana Chubb maybe, but Tam is possible.

Jace’s gal pal, Hadiyah, she could be a wild card that no see’s coming…

“She Got Next” can cover a few people.

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Yeah, I’m thinking if anything that maybe the first few pages might have touches of “before” … sounds like she’s setting aside the mask to focus on her day job.

I didn’t see that - nice catch! I definitely need to read up on I Am Batman – it looks like Tiffany has been popping up more as well, huh?

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Renee appearing anywhere at all is cause for celebration for me. I am so hyped about this. :tada: