Gathering Interests: Narrative-izing the Weekly Releases

Hey so I was thinking about ways to make fun informative new posts.

So I was curious if people would be interested in Narrative-zing/summarizing new post example for this weeks. They would be more spoilery

The brand new Rogal Zar enters Superman’s life after committing SPOILER. While everything is going bad for Superman, the Flash is in the future with his own problems. Wally rembers that SPOILER and is now on a collision course with Barry. This flash war is about rediscovering the past. Similarly Carter Hall has learned new secrets about his past. On a search to figure out what is missing from his past, he learned he doesn’t just reincarnate throughout time but SPOILER. While Batman is helping Superman, Barbara Gordon faced off the Riddler in a game of Riddles. Of course Barbara wins, but Joker is gearing up to destroy the wedding in style!

Batman had a busy week, on top of being in metropolis, he also fought a ghost and is helping Deadshot save his daughter.

Anyway it would be like that but with various sections, more details, and references to the various comics. Of course, I can’t read everything so some series will be missing but it could be really fun to do this. Summaries could be as detailed as you want! Anyway, what are your thoughts,

How spoilery?
Format ideas?
You get the idea.


it does sound fun the problem is I’m going to wait a year to read these when they appear here so I’ll just have to avoid your spoiler thread.

They would be for the DCU comics. So you could read them!

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I love the idea of giving it narrative, making it seem like they really are all happening in the same universe while also giving actual news on whats happening in DC.

And you would say the exact comic issue your talking about in parentheses or a bullet point at the bottom or whatever, just so people know.

What if you did it like a news report like DC used to(Im not sure if they still do) where they had reporters reporting on different events in the DC Universe but really they were just telling you brief summaries of what was actually going on in different series.

Just some food for thought. I support the idea of going narrative.

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