Games You Want

The Superman Returns game was pretty good in handling Superman’s powers, if not perfect. It had a sprawling city for you to explore, but it wasn’t without drawbacks (namely, the last thing you fight isn’t a monster or alien, but a bunch of tornados).

As for an original game, I’ve long had this idea for a game in the Arkham series that lets you play as Batman’s allies throughout, switching between them at certain points through the story, until after you’ve beaten it you can switch anytime you want at certain checkpoints (not unlike Arkham City). My hope would’ve been a roster of Nightwing, Robin (Tim Drake), Black Bat and Batgirl (Steph Brown), each with unique fighting styles.
Never gonna happen, but it would’ve been cool.

I want Rocksteady to do the following games justice (like they did for the Batman Arkham series games)

  1. Superman

  2. A Green Lantern Corps

  3. Green Arrow


An arrow game would be awesome.


A Jenga game of the Planet Krypton! :joy:

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It’d be cool to be Lois Lane! Her goal would be to just find trouble and report it. The more trouble she reports in the game, the more people want her gone. Your job as a player is to navigate her away from people trying to kill her while doing excellent reporting.

Instead of “lives,” she has “saves”. Basically, if she’s right about to die, Superman busts in and saves the day—but not without detriment. Meanwhile, the lead for the story would run cold and she’d have to find her way back into the mix of it all from another angle. The ending would depend on how the story unfolds and when Superman appears to save you.


That rumored co-op Suicide Squad the supposedly got cancelled years ago is sounding like a better idea in light of what Marvel’s Avengers game is shaping up to be.

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I want a good Superman or Wonder Woman game. We already have the ingredients down: Detailed City-sized Sandbox (Spider-Man PS4), Flight (Anthem), Super Speed and Strength (Saints Row 4). Heat Vision can be a meter-governed power with limited capacity that refills overtime (in sunlight). Throw in good writing and pacing as well as gradually upgrading your powers throughout the adventure and we’ve got ourselves a video game ladies and gentlemen.