G. Jones comics

So it seems that we will never get access to books Gerard Jones but I don’t know all of his work. What won’t we get?
Is it known if DC holds these issues back because publishing/digitizing would mean he gets a cut? Or they want to ignore he worked for them?
I don’t mean this thread to start an argument about DC policy, just wondering what is known.

You know as much as anyone here.

It’s a great question, and it’s been asked multiple times. The moderators seem to be in a tight spot. If they know anything (which I doubt), they’re not being allowed to say.

@harley Yeah, they probably wouldn’t know anything. Their job is moderating the community, not knowing why another company is choosing not to distribute some comics.

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You’ll lose some ‘90s Green Lantern comics that are… fine, I guess? They’re not great, but they’re not awful. You’ll also lose an issue or two of Death and Return of Superman.

I don’t know… he’s a horrible person, so I wouldn’t read them anyway.

My recent post was deleted because it was “redundant” so since this is the original I feel like it can still be commented on.
Just to update the community, “the decision to remove Gerard Jones’ work from the service is final and no longer open for discussion”.
I’m not posting this to be a pain for moderators because they have a job to do and are doing it. I’m posting because it’s helpful to know there’s an actual policy. Fans were interested and now we know.
After this, I won’t keep this thread alive I just think the information is of interest to the community.