FYI...Pennyworth is fantastic

Maybe my favorite current show, only 3 episodes in.

The first 3 are free on prime.

I was all in until the execution scene at the end of the second episode; when my wife insisted I turn it off until she went to bed. I had to agree with her as it was unnecessary. I haven’t brought myself to start the third episode but will eventually.

Unnecessary? It was one of the best scenes.

If watching a person being disemboweled was the best thing. I am sorry for you as that form of execution in Britain disappeared over a century ago. The execution itself was important for future storylines.

??? Point…

It was a great scene, whether it was outlawed or not.

Wait, is the whole show going to be available on Prime?

I think it will be eventually, but at some point it’ll get taken off.

Well this is great news, I had no idea. I have Prime but I don’t have Epix, so I’ll make sure to watch! Thanks!

I don’t think it’s all going to be on prime.

Just checking around, it seems like Epix puts 3 free episodes of all their shows on Prime. But if you want to watch more,you have to subscribe.


Anyone else thinking “Oh the Court of Owls MUST be lurking in the background”. So much of the plot is right up thier alley.