FYI: Greg Weisman's Response On Kaldur's Journey

The latest episode of Young Justice hasn’t even been up for 48 hours and there’s already been an avalanche of opinion on just where our old pal Kaldur is in his journey of self-discovery. Now one of YJ’s creators has shed some light on his own perspective.

The following was taken from Reddit, which in turn was taken from Twitter:

:eight_spoked_asterisk:Greg took to Twitter to clear up some questions regarding Kaldur’s sexuality:

“From Kaldur’s POV, he is - at minimum - polysexual, which is not to say that he isn’t pansexual, but he’s never YET fallen for anyone that didn’t/doesn’t identify as male or female. He tries not to label. (1 of 2)”

“(2 of 3) To date, Kaldur has only ever been truly in love twice: with Tula and with Wyynde. He’s dated other people, including Rocket. But he’s only ever been in love the two times. So he’s not defining his sexuality beyond the fact of these two people.”

“(3 of 3) Please keep in mind as an old, white cis-male heterosexual, I’m trying to keep up to speed with all the current terminology. Emphasis on ‘I’m trying.’ Please forgive me if I’m not always caught up within my bubble.”

“If you’re talking about Jackson Hyde, I believe that is true, but he’s not our character, so you’d have to ask the folks at DC. But @BrandonVietti and @kharypayton and I have long known that Kaldur’ahm is bi or poly, if not pan. (1 of 2)”

"(2 o 2) To be clear, any indecisiveness about whether Kaldur is pansexual comes out of the fact that he’s still writing his own ‘story.’":eight_spoked_asterisk:

From Reddit:

Personally, I really feel like the ‘He tries not to label’ part of the tweet is the best part, but feel free to draw your own conclusions. :grinning: