FYI: Comics That Have Secretly Arrived on DCUI

I thought that we could use a thread to keep track of the arrivals of comics on DCUI that aren’t officially being announced in the weekly “What’s New” and monthly “Coming Soon” threads (hence, “secretly”).

To start, Super Friends (1976) #2.

This issue was previously missing, but is now on the service. Just thought that everyone would like to know, especially the person who said that they were holding off on reading the series because issue #2 was missing.


Thankyou for letting me know. Now if they can just add the last 8 issues of The Batman Adventures, I’ll be even more happier then ever!:grinning:

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Two more comics have secretly arrived on DCUI:

  • Catwoman (1993) #24. We now have all of the regular monthly issues of the 1993 Catwoman series on DCUI! :+1: (We’re still missing Annuals 3 & 4, but those were themed one-shots taking place outside of the main continuity.)

  • The All-Star Squadron preview insert from Justice League of America (1960) #193 has been added to the end of that issue. We now have the entire All-Star Squadron series on DCUI! :+1:

If you find any other secretly added issues or stories on DCUI, please let us all know in this thread.