Future State: What do you think is the worst cliffhanger moment of the event (at this time) Spoilers ahead

for me its got to be Gotham sirens in the latest issue of The Next Batman.

they shot selina and to my somewhat knowledge this is the first time DC may have killed selina kyle in an event like this, she survived crisis after crisis but her nine lives may have just ran out.


ohhhh the ending of the midnighter story in worlds of war really got be biting my nails

So far for me it would be Catwoman #1 with Talia and a seemingly frozen and not dead Bruce.

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Yes!!! That moment shot this book to my top 3 of Future State.

My big question with Future State is what is the end game? Will these characters be a part of the Infinite Frontier or will be they be rocking the digital firsts? Furthermore, I would love to see this timeline explored a bit more.

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I think the future state is actually the new Earth-2 as the end of death metal states that their earth is no longer the center of the multiverse, and there are two energy signatures in front of them. one would have to be earth-0 and i would say the other is earth one (which is a graphic novel series) and i also get the feeling its going to somehow tie into The generation graphic novels

Jay_Kay: Taila frozen? just checked the book and Talia not frozen however bruce is in cold storage…however it is Purrfict that it seems like tat the ex-wife(new Earth)/Crazy ex-girlfriend and fiance /wife/widow(?) of batman seem to be working together. I wonder how it’s going to play out… who could the Cheshire Cat be, is she a child of the Demon’s Daughter or the Cat?

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