Future State thoughts

I have been reading Future State as it has been coming out on DCUI. When this was announced my initial thought was, “at least it is only 2 months”. However, I have been pleasantly surprised. While I do want to see the “regular” hero’s back soon, I hope we can continue to see some of the replacements. Here are my thoughts on the big 6 from the Justice League.

My 2 favorites :

  1. Wonder Woman - Tara. Easily my favorite. She is not a Diana clone. While Diana is very serious, Tara has a bit of an attitude.
  2. Aquawoman - Andy. Very cool to see her grown up. Kind of like Mera, but definitely her own person

The next 2:
3. Superman - Jon. I don’t mind him being Superman, but I don’t see much seperation between him and his dad. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between Clark and Jon.
4. Batman - Jace. Like Jon is to Clark, Jace seems very similar to Bruce. Again, not a bad thing, but would like to see him bring his own touch to being Batman.

The other 2:
5. Green Lantern - Jo. Even though she is ranked number 5 on this list, it is a character that I like. Obviously we have some background on her as she has her own book. It is cool to see here on earth interacting with others that we are more familiar with. About the only negative is that there are already way to many humans that are Green Lanterns. Maybe would have been better to have an alien of some sort assume this role ( possibly a descendant of Sinestro ).
6. Flash - Jess. The only reason I have him down here is I feel he is the least developed character of them all. We really do not know much about him except he is apparently an alien of some sort.

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