Future State: Superman Wonder Woman Spoilers-Discussion

Future State is here, and so is Jon Kent and Kara Flor as Superman Wonder Woman. Discuss that title here.


Okay, @moro referenced this title in the FS: JLA thread so read it next. It’s okay. I like both Jon and Yara in it, the arts nice, the Brazilian gods fit right in, but couple of problems with the book. Way too much time is spent with Kuat the Brazilian sun god and Solaris “measuring their solar rays.” Like pages of it. And there are few too few pages of Yara and Jon together. I like the book well enough but I didn’t love it.
And did like Yara doing the Golden Age Superman bit roughing up a corrupt politician to help out the little people in a way that really makes sense in a near future Brazil. I also liked her interaction with the Brazilian gods and the idea that since she comes from their line, people now believe in them again, so they’re back. I also liked that Jon had a cape. And, @moro is right. Yara doesn’t fly here but does in JLA. We can go with the fact that this are glimpses into possible futures as the blurb says and don’t need to necessarily add together perfectly.


I liked it for the most part. Yara was definitely the stand out in this issue. Her general “I wish a mf-er would” attitude is just a delight. :smiley:

Yeah, there’s definitely some different time periods going on – after all, at the end we have Jon and Yara talking in Metropolis, but in Superman Of Metropolis and I believe Superman: Worlds At War the city is bottled.

I think the free magazine they did for Future State a few weeks back had an official timeline for all the issues.


Like is the right word, better pacing and I could love these two teaming up

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I actually loved this. The contrast between the science fiction world of Jon and the fantasy world of Yara. Yara’s assertiveness, Jon’s hopefulness, both of their youthfulness and brashness… ok too many “-nesses” there, but you get the picture.

Feels like both of these characters’ vibes and personalities have been consistently portrayed in all the titles I’ve read so far, so thumbs up to the creative teams for working as a team.

Superman has a cape. If Superman Jon Kent will actually come to fruition at some point as a regular thing, he needs to keep the cape. Please DC, and thank you.

I absolutely love Yara as a character, and I love the world they’re building around her. It gives me New 52 Wonder Woman vibes with all the gods and their different personalities.