Future State - Reading Order?

I haven’t read any Future State titles yet and I know it’s not specifically interconnected but is there a reading order that makes sense? My planned approach is just to read each title on its own like a mini series.


Not really. There was a timeline in their sampler that specifies which time periods each series is set in, but with backup stories etc it’s hard to arrive at a chronological reading order. Robin Eternal, for example, takes place before the Batgirls backup story but you don’t know that until you dig into the two stories.

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The stories aren’t truly connected, Johnathan Kent comes off as a completely different person in each series he appears in.

DC has really dropped the ball when it comes to Jon Kent.

Many titles are in different time periods.

Some like Swamp Thing are very far in the future


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Also article on how each time period is

Has spoilers

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I would be lying if I said I didn’t like him. I really want him to work because I believe that there is something there to explore, but I feel like someone needs to just give him his own side characters and go from there.