Future State: Nightwing - Spoiler Discussion Issues 1-2

Need a place to discuss Future State individual titles. Pop on in to talk about Nightwing.

I haven’t read a lot of Nightwing’s books in the last few years, but picked up Future State anyway. Don’t know what a diehard Nightwing fan thinks of this take, but I loved it. We get good action with Dick taking on Magistrates thugs, he’s not fooled by any of their deceptions and he’s just on the right side of brutal for me. Yes, he unnecessarily breaks a guys leg, but in total context I’m good with that. The real high point for me was Tim Fox-Batman showing up. Liked how Dick respected Tim’s anonymity and the fact that he had taken on the cowl and cape. Interesting that Tim turned to Dick for help in a way that they felt like equals, no junior partner. The big fight we have coming should be great.

The way Dick is acting more violent with criminals reminds me of how Bruce acted after Jasons death.

This is one of the things I love about Dick as a hero vs Batman, he isnt paranoid and able to trust others, which in turn help people trust him back.

Also I am digging the chin strap!

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I had to debate the chin strap in my head for a bit. Chin strap won

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Loved the art on this. Scott’s art always looks good in B&W so the somewhat muted palette here with the blue accents is really eye-popping.

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Art in this is perfect

A hidden gem in the Future State if you haven’t had a chance to read it. Really smart to include Tim Fox/Batman in this book. As Dick says, ‘the Dynamic Duo’ but with a different vibe. Nigthwing’s more the old hand at this, but Tim is Batman so it feels more like an equal partnership.