Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman Spoilers-Discussion Issues 1-2

Future State is here, and here is the spot for a spoilers discussion of Immortal Wonder Woman


Absolutely, a completely enjoyable book with two stories that look and feel very different. For Diana, that’s just a very nice opening scene. She feels the end may be near, the final challenge and she wants her teammate and more importantly her friend Batman by her side if only in spirit. I really felt the emotion as her and Bruce had their last words. Nicely done.
Happily surprised to see a not very mobile Swamp Thing still around and of course Old Man Superman still fighting the good fight even with less fight left in him. And, who else but Darksied would care about ruling a planet in the face of the end of everything. On the art side, beautiful colors, nice clean lines, again well done.
Nubia’s story I thought was also really cool. First, people her have asked for more Grail, with the grey girl is here and causing trouble so that’s nice. I felt like they gave Nubia a different, maybe more physical style of fighting than Diana as shown recently. No shield, sword or anything thing but her fists and legs. I worked for me. Intriguing mystery started I certainly want to see completed. One small down note, for the first time in Future State, I got an info dump. Maybe necessarily but did interrupt the story flow With Diana and Kara gettin their own titles and Hippolyta in the JLA, hope they don’t forget about Nubia. Would like to see her get a unique mission and some stories. Another good use for digital first comics maybe.


I really hope people are reading this book. It’s just wonderful. The art and writing on the Diana story is beautiful and something that could only be done with this character. Diana’s role as a warrior and an agent of peace work perfectly here, as is her sometime status as a god.
The second story with Nubia, is very well done. A touch busy as they try to fit a lot of backstory and keep the action going, but it certainly serves as a nice prelude to more Nubia stories.


The Immortal Wonder Woman story was great – the writing and art really sells Diana’s wistfulness and colossal sadness of the world she’s lost. I loved how at the end it transcends into a creation myth, as it’s truly a fitting end for the “Immortal” Wonder Woman. The only I can say as a slight nitpick is that while I get that Superman is an important figure, it’s weird that Darkseid’s final battle isn’t with another New God like Orion or even Mister Miracle or Big Barda if they want to mix it up.

The Nubia story was…okay, I guess? I dunno, like you said, I think they tried to shove so much stuff in there that I honestly don’t think any of it really lands. Like, after two…mostly full length issues, I think, I don’t think I really know Nubia any better than I did before, and they didn’t really do anything that makes her really unique or stand out from Diana.


On Superman v Darkseid, think it’s good and evil, light and dark fighting their immortal fight at the end of everything. Just love that Diana is the source of a new universe.

So, Nubia is the guardian of something about something…

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