Future State: Gotham – Red Hood Hunts For The Magistrate In This All-New Ongoing Series!

If you’ve been reading Future State: Dark Detective, then you know that Jason Todd has not only left the Bat-Family but is actively hunting masked vigilantes for The Magistrate.

In an all-new ongoing series coming this May, Future State: Gotham, Red Hood continues on his mission. Using only black and white tones, the noir feeling of this series will grip you and pull you into Gotham in a way that will make you never doubt that it’s a real, living, and breathing place.

The six-issue debut story arc co-written by Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver, with art by Giannis Milonogiannis will be available in all comic book stores and participating digital retailers on May 11th.

Check out all the details in our DC Blog!

Will you be hunting down a copy of Future State: Gotham when it hits shelves on May 11th? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! :point_down:


Ooo Awesome™:+1:.
Always up for more red hood.


Ooh interesting. Is it just a 6 issue series or more that 6 but the first story is 6 issues?


Hey @SpoilerAlert88!

I believe it’s just a six-issue arc, but you can find out more in our article!


Wow, I guess Future State in general has been a success, so much so that we’ll even see more stories. That’s pretty cool! Definitely curious to see what they could do with this universe.

I wonder if we’ll get more of this kind of thing, maybe a Future State: Metropolis? Future State: Themyskira?


I’m not super interested in any Red Hood series (I liked Jason Todd better when he was dead) but it’s called Future State: Gotham so maybe that means after the opening arc it will shift focus to some of the other Bat characters.

I would love to see Mother Panic show up, especially since her last series was set in future Gotham.


Based on part one of the story, I’m definitely in for a 6 story series.


Cautiously optimistic about this


Can’t get over how cool the cover art is for this!


I’m excited about this, even though I haven’t read many Red Hood comics in a while. The art sounds very intriguing, being only in black and white tones. :slight_smile:

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I am extremely curious as to what has happened to Jason in the Future that has led him to this and how this story is going to go.