Future State: Gorgeous Yara Flor Wonder Girl Art Preview in Polygon Today

ICYMI: Today, Polygon published a beautiful, high-resolution rendering of pages from Joëlle Jones’ luscious artwork of Yara Flor, AKA Wonder Girl of Future State.

You truly have to visit the Polygon site to see the artwork in its full glory, with swipeable renderings of the art from B&W to color, early design sketches, and huge splash pages of the most beautiful eye candy.

According to Polygon:
“DC Comics tells Polygon that this May, Yara will become Wonder Girl of the main timeline in a stand-alone Wonder Girl book. If all goes according to plan, she’ll also star in a currently-in-development CW series, and become the first Latina superhero to headline her own live-action TV show.”

Here is a pinhole peek at the artwork- but do be sure to check out the full, in-depth article!


Swiping from B&W to color pages would a nice feature for DCUI to consider in the future.


I already love Jones’ artwork but the Pugs not Drugs sweatshirt just pushed it over the top to pure adoration.


Haven’t had a chance to get Future State: WW #2 yet, but loved the first issue and am completely onboard with this series. Jone, rightly, I think has a hit on her hands.


Jones just tweeted the colored cover :heart_eyes:

I’ll just be here all night thx.


Bye Cassie Sandsmark. Hope you get a cool new identity. Also, I’m surprised there has never been a Wonder Girl ongoing series in the 90s, 00s, or 10s. Seems overdue.


I am looking forward to this even more now. :slight_smile:


Looks awesome™:+1: or should I say :00_wonder_woman_1982:onderul

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