Future (or Current) State?

I was wondering how everyone is reacting to how quickly the current DCU is catching up to the events of the Future State books. I loved the idea of showing us how things look in the future so that we had a roadmap of what to expect. Then changes could be slowly sprinkled in and we would then get excited knowing where those changes lead. But it seems to me that they are rolling those changes out quicker than I expected. I’m liking a lot of the stories, but not digging the abrupt shift in the status quo. Am I alone in this reaction? Thoughts?

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Green Lantern and the Superman titles are the only ones I’ve been following right now, as they’re published. I’m enjoying Green Lantern, but I’m hoping it doesn’t move towards the Future State status too quickly, since there basically was no Corps anymore in those titles. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would have preferred Future State never existed or at least ended in its own self contained run back in February. It has had a very negative effect on every DC title I’m reading that involves it. Thankfully, there are plenty of out of continuity series to spend my time and money on while ignoring most of the main line.

For now.

I loved what they did with Superboy, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and the Titans in Future State; and disliked what they did with Gotham and the Green Lantern Corps. Captain, were there specific characters, books, or changes that you reacted negatively because of Future State?

Also, if nothing else, I’m happy for Future State since it gave us Yara Flor. She’s an exciting character, and I LOVE the art so much.

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I think even with some books pulling some stuff from Future State it won’t be exactly like we see in that series. Future State is more of a dystopic “what if things went REALLY wrong” sort of story.