Future of SuperSons

What do we expect to happen after the conclusion of this series? Do we know what Bendis is doing with Big Jon. Is Tim getting his own mantle?

I don’t want to loose this super team


Tim Drake is getting a new name in Young Justice.
Though, I’m not sure what’s wrong with Red Robin…

any other news

Bendis ruined this series with the decision to age Jon he has ruined Superman as well. Not one time in Bendis version of Superman has Superman been able to be the Hero of his own book. He has Supergirl save him. Superman is a Hero he does not need saving, It is almost as if Bendis is taking the Man out of Superman. Bendis has way to much control at DC. He really is not that good anymore. Tomasi was a much better Writer with the Superman Then Bendis came in and Wrecked everything. Why anyone thinks Bendis is so great is beyond me.


@xfiles2075.67662: You are so right about Bendis wrecking everything Superman. But his worst sin is the “aging up” of Jon. Ten-year-old Jon was fun to read and even more fun for the reader to experience his unique family through his wide eyes. Forget about the Super Sons, that ship has sailed. Soon teen Jon will be a “superMan” when 5G (Lord, give me strength) debuts. But you know what irks me the most about this whole Jon fiasco? It’s Lois Lane’s reaction to this mess. Her son’s childhood was stolen because her moronic husband made an unbelievable decision to allow his kid to leave the protection of his family. If Lois needed a “real” reason to live apart from her husband, I think losing seven years of her “heart’s” life would be the final straw.
The main reason I hated the New52 was the dissolution of Lois and Clark’s marriage but after this most current crop of Superman stories I now wish the marriage had stayed in limbo. Lois should be insensed and she should be “kicking” Clark’s butt over losing her child’s childhood. Her tacit acceptance is troubling, annoying and most definitely out of character! Who would have thought Lois and Clark would turn out to be such terrible parents?

Damian Wayne is joining the Legion of Superheroes (I think). The Supersons dynamic will continue there.

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I just heard CW is interested in making a series out of them

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