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I was a mostly silent but active member of DCU before the change, and I’m one of the earliest paying members of the service. I really loved the potential the app had, and even after the shift to comics only DCUI I was still excited for what it could become. Then I opened the app. Literally all of the features besides comics have disappeared. I have to open a browser to access the community, there’s no more encyclopedia, and even the non-licensed shows like DC daily or the shorts or fan-focused video content is all gone. Are there plans to incorporate any of this back into the app? I would love to be able to access the community from the app, that’s a huge one. But also the encyclopedia as the go-to fan updated (a la Wikipedia) ultimate canon and reference of the DCU is a huge wasted opportunity. Being able to look up any character, run, place, event, era or creator like a giant DC wiki, with links to readable relevant comics on the app would be absolutely amazing! could you imagine reading a comic and not understanding a reference, navigating elsewhere in the app, learning about the character, and instantly being able to read a comic about them?? That was the feature that had the most potential when DCU launched and its a shame it never reached it, and that its dead now. Are there any plans to add more features to the app besides just comics? Also, please tell me that TV and panel by panel reading still work, because I loved those features in DCU. If its an issue of manpower, I’ll work from home, I don’t cost much, and I’ll get to work on it right away. Thanks DCUI team


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Thank you for sharing all your thoughts, @DickBats, we really appreciate it. Video was removed from the service in December. The Community will be accessed in a browser rather than in the app going forward, which is intentional. There is a “Who’s Who” section on DCComics.com that is similar to the Encyclopedia. The Encyclopedia itself will be back in time, which is good news for me, since I got a lot of use out of it too. :slight_smile:

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