Future of DCEU

Should DC Flashpoint the DCEU and start fresh?

I pondered this for a while but I’m not sure myself. One hand they could just continue they’re films and make em better like they have been overtime and just make stand alone films with a few team ups here and there. But on the other hand they could do a flashpoint movie with flash or find a way to rearrange things to have a better outcome in the future. But I’m fine if they don’t. They aren’t marvel so they shouldn’t follow what they’re doing just because it’s popular. Warner brothers still makes money off the films regardless.

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Yes, that’s the only way to make sense of the possible recastings.

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They shouldn’t start fresh just use it as an excuse why some actors/characters are different.

I think they’re going ahead, but they’re going to more or less soft reboot it. No more intertwined films, just films that take place in the same universe.

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I think the only way to get this cinematic universe on track would be a reboot. But instead of going the old fashion way flashpoint story arc gives them flexibility to change/experiment and at the same time make people feel like they didn’t waste their movie for watching previous entries.