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Do Y’all Think Dc Should Just Start Completely Over With Movies Or Keep It Going ?

Keep it going

Why in the world would DC do that??? The DC movie franchise has been far more profitable 7 movies in than Marvel was at the same point. MOS, BVS extended Cut, W W, Aquaman and Shazam are phenomenal movies. SS was a decent movie, but not great. JL suffered from the director’s personal tragedy, and in my opinion should have been shelved until he could return to finish it. Marvel has been flooding the zone for ten years with mediocre movies, with the occasional good one mixed in, that’s why people think they are “ahead” of DC. The Truth is WB’s just doesn’t priorities DC movies, if they did DC would have a separate studio like Disney did with Marvel Studios.

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Start over in what regards?

Start over with the origin stories and new actors ? they may need new actors for certain characters. But no they shouldn’t start all over. Have created a basic foundation for their universe and should go forward with it


They’re already in rebuild mode. It’s working out great so far! :sunglasses:


Yeah their last 2 movies Aquaman and Shazam have all been well reviewed, liked by fans and turned a profit (a huge profit in Aquaman’s case) so be bad time to just start over.

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Don’t start over fully just recast batman and Superman and make a nightwing movie already…

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Keep moving forward.