Future Flash (Barry Allen) vs Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne): Who wins?

The fight is comic book Future Flash, Barry Allen, vs Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne.

The way I see it is both are faster than current Barry because FF has blue lightning and RF has the negative Speed Force all to himself. So, they are almost evenly matched in terms of speed.

Both are from the future: FF was from 20 years into the future and RF is from the 25th century. So, obviously time travel is not a problem.

Both are highly clever in science and tech: FF made a suit that could regrow a hand. RF was a scientist that replicated the lightning strike to grant himself super speed.

Both are knowledgeable in fighting techniques: among other moves, they both use hand vibrating.

And lastly, both have demonstrated they are capable of killing.

You have the comparison. Feel free to include anything that can support one over the other if I missed something.

So, in a battle to the death who wins?
(And no time remnants allowed)


Reverse Flash always wins, hence why the world will always need a Flash.

The Negative SpeedForce is approximately 70,000 times more potent than the regular Speedforce, even harvested unconditioned.

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“Thawne’s plans have plans”


Before I answer the question… aren’t future flash flash and cobalt blue one and the same?

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I hold that only the original BA had the guile to really send Thawne packing. Even if FF is willing to kill. He might have a moment of decision. That moment is an eternity for a speedster. RF has no such compunction. Game over FF.

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@ kingofspeedsters

Colbalt Blue is Malcolm Thawne. He is the biological brother of Barry. He uses Blue Flame Energy as a talisman. FF is a future Barry Allen, but faster than his younger self.


@ Desade-acolyte

Interesting reasoning. FF was motives were backed by justice, while RF is a functioning psychopath. Even colder that most real life examples. Quotes like “you have shown me what it’s like to have a son…forgive me. But to me you have been dead for centuries.”

Although, it is from the CW the portrait they painted is right on.


Lol…my bad…got confused. Thanks




Future flash for sure!


What version of reverse flash are we talking about? The one Batman (Thomas Wayne) kills, the 2nd one which was uncle to the new Wally wedt or zoom the new “reverse flash” who isn’t really called that who originally appeared in vol. 2? This is important because the only who truly has the potential is dead if I’m not mistaken due to flash point