Future DC Universe series you'd want?

For series we so far we (as I’m aware of) have -

Live Action: Titans. Doom Patrol. Swamp Thing. Star Girl.

Animated: Young Justice (S3- S?). Harley Quinn.

I’m curious what other new series would fans want/like to see made in the future?

I guess what series could be interesting to me would be ~

Animated: I heard before Young Justice was made one of the options was either a Nightwing cartoon or a Batfam series based on the No Man’s Land concept. In the latter the main characters would have been Batman, Nightwing, Cass!Batgirl, Damian!Robin and I think Oracle. Either on would be a cool idea to go back to. I’d personally love to have a epic globetrotting Nightwing cartoon series or one with the batfam (particularly w/Batgirl!Cass) struggling to survive and keep the peace in a destroyed Gotham.

A Wonder Wonder cartoon would be a good idea. There’s a lot to explore with her. We could have other wonder characters like Donna and Cassie as support characters. We could have it take place a lot in mythological settings/realms with Diana dealing with demigods or supernatural creatures. Depending on how they want to do it they could have parts of the series take place in different time periods from ancient times to WW2 (where her support cast would be Steve and the others) to modern times.

Okay I admit, since they have all these cartoons of the DC girls in school settings (Idk, I’ve only seen that one about Supergirl and heard about that upcoming on that looks like mlp), I’d kind of like a school au for the Fab5 (Dick, Donna, Wally, Roy, Garth) part of a student council at there school. It’d be about them battling unfair teachers (some of them being villains. Slade could be the gym teacher) or rival schools while trying to manage their positions. It’d have a lot of other characters like Jason and his outlaws (Artemis and Bizarro. Idk, they’re in charge of theater) to Hal Jordan, who I’d make the principal (because it’d be amusing to me. John Stewart could be vice principal and everyone who think he was really in charge instead). Just a sightly younger based cartoon in a more humorous au setting that seems to be popular. Something more kid friendly.

Live Action: A series called Talia. I think Talia would be a cool sister series to Titans. It’d be set in the Titansverse like Doom Patrol and have crossover stories here and there. But it’d carry it’s own ID so no one would really have to see the other to know what’s going on. Talia is a pretty complicated character so she could be a pretty fascinating lead (if well written) to follow. We could see her torn between her own ideals, Batman’s and that of her Father’s more extreme ways. Raising Damian. How she operates in the LOS. How she deals w/her siblings or of she ever turns against Ra’s. Maybe something on her mom. And if Titansverse decides to kill Jason, we could see Jason’s time w/Talia and why/how he became what he did post revival. I also have always been entertained by how antagonistic Dick and Talia can be w/each other (while also actually working well together and respecting each other’s abilities). I think Talia could be a good adversary for Dick in Titans, and vice versa. It’d really depend how it’s written (and what version of Talia they use).

There are some other DC characters like Super Boy (Conner) or Powergirl or Kyle Gardner/Green Lantern I’d like to see something on but no solid ideas beyond that.

Basically something like that (if done well) would be nice things to think about happening.

Any other shows fans would like to see happen on this channel?

Can we get a teen titans go on here?