Future Animated Shows on DCU??

Any word on DC animated shows that are being developed for the service besides Young Justice Season 3 Part 2? Has a season 4 for Young Justice been confirmed?

Im excited for Hush and I know there has to be some other animated movies in the works. But I love the series format of JLU and Young Justice.

It would be pretty amazing to see anything DC in the quality that Young Justice is.

Or old shows coming back like JLU or Batman Beyond or Teen Titans.


The dc animated movies is what i live for



I love the DC animated universe. Its one of the biggest reasons I have the app.


I think the only other animated DCU series right now is the Harley Quinn show coming in December.

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I didnt know there was a Harley Quinn animated series coming! Thats exciting.

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Penny (Kaley Cuoco) from The Big Bang Theory is voicing Harley! It’s probably going to be TV-MA in all the right ways too.

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Can Bruce Timm just start a kickstarter to raise the funds to bring JLU back. I’d donate to that sooooo quick


Since Harley Quinn is MA and Young Justice has taken a more mature/violent direction, they ought to develop some original PG content that children can enjoy :thinking: Like… Green Lantern: The Animated Series???

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@MattMcNeilly I dont think the DCU streaming service is intended for children.

The 3 shows they developed, Titans Doom Patrol and YJ:O, all have mature themes and arent intended for younger audiences.

Id bet money that Swamp Thing will be even more mature than the others, or at least it should be. Same goes with Harley Quinn.

And honestly I think its better off that way, Ive seen writers for animated series talk about how restricting age appropriation can be. It affects how they tell the story they want to tell.

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@MajorZuma Be that as it may, I find it an incredible shame that hardly any DC cartoon has been able to survive longer than one season on kids network television in recent years. Shows like Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, and Static Shock were all children’s shows had good runs on Cartoon Network. Now that my generation has kids of their own, there’s nothing on television now like that. You have the goofier Teen Titans Go and DC Superhero Girls, but nothing I feel a parent could equally enjoy watching with their child. Those shows are aimed specifically at children and children alone. Now that DCU is here, I feel it would be a wasted opportunity to not have at least one original show that can be enjoyed by a family friendly audience.

And while yes, age restriction can at times be limiting to the story, I would in no way call it inferior to mature content, or not worth pursuing. Because let’s face it, how many of us are still watching Pixar movies? Or even just reruns of old DC cartoons? Content like that finds a good balance that people of all ages can enjoy. I see no reason why DC Universe can’t do the same.

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My favorite team book was JSA, which paid homage to the Golden Age while emphasizing character development.

It would make a terrific series, considering their villains.

Also, DeMattis’ DOCTOR FATE would be an animated show which would make me much appreciative.

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A Doctor Fate animated show would be surreal. Id be down if they even wanted to experiment with the animated graphics for Doctor Fate since his comics are so “otherwordly”.



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I have to say it still strikes me as odd that the DCU’s content for the most part is family friendly yet all of the original programming is mostly for mature audiences with Young Justice being the equivalent of PG-13 but with some mature moments. I have no problem with mature content as I love Doom Patrol and I don’t think DP would be as good of it was toned down. To me it still seems odd you take a group like the Teen Titans who’s most popular versions are kids shows yet they go full TV-MA with the show. I’m not saying that the show should have been a kids show but even if you factor in the New Teen Titans comics which is the most popular ( or at least I think it is ) which deal with more serious and more mature stuff I still don’t get the decision to go TV-MA.

Ultimately I do think they need to add some family friendly shows to not completely excluded people who don’t watch mature shows.

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@LPCustom76 I think you have a good point. Young Justice is a series that literally aged and matured with its characters. The original cast are adults now. So I think creatively speaking, making the show darker and more mature came naturally. It wasn’t forced.

Whereas Teen Titans… If THAT show became PG-13/MA after 5 seasons of family friendly content, I’d feel like its soul was needlessly changed. I already feel that way to a lesser extent with Titans. It’s a different show, but I think they overly darkened characters that are best known for their lightheartedness and joy in the comics and cartoons. I don’t recognize the Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy in that show other than by their names.

If the Teen Titans cartoon comes back for season 6, I hope it comes back the way we remember it.

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Superman. A new animated series starring Superman, his supporting characters, allies and of course his cadre of villains is an absolute must.

The last solo starring Superman animated TV show ended almost 20 years ago. The time for the Man of Steel’s animated TV resurgence has come and it is now.

Call it Superman: Champion of Justice, Superman: The Man of Tomorrow, Team Superman, whatever. It just needs to happen.

There also need to be robust promotional and merchandising campaigns for the series to dramatically get the word out about it and glue eyeballs to screens when it debuts.

At minimum, we’d be talking the following for marketing of the show:

-Ads for it in movie theater pre-shows, especially those placed before family films.

-Ads for the show accompanying digital and physical home video releases from Warner Home Entertainment (especially and most obviously paired with other DC branded entertainment, but also with other prominent WB brands that are popular with children such as Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera and Harry Potter, among others)

-Targeted campaigns on social media and other internet platforms that are popular with families and children.

-Advertise on Cartoon Network and other networks that are popular amongst children.

-Print, digital and all other forms of advertising that are currently reaching core demographics in substantial and successful fashions.

-Have DC’s Custom Publishing department produce a promotional comic book that features a self-contained story featuring characters from the show as well as accompanying behind the scenes information. The book can be distributed via digital and print methods, especially through school reading programs.

-DC can publish a tie-in ongoing comic book series for the show.

The merchandise (especially the toys) should feature mentions of the show streaming on DC Universe. Yes, children may not be a core marketing demographic for DC Universe right now, but eventually that will change and a DCU original animated Superman series is the absolutely perfect DCU original vehicle to embrace that change with.

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and the rest have mature and kid friendly original content and DC Universe, sooner or later, will embrace that as well.

So, Superman. The first and still the best. To Warner Brothers Animation I say (to quote Lex Luthor) “Bring it on!”


I would love to see a super sons or bat family show. suicide squad or flash animated series would be good too. And I think a live action red hood would work aswell

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A plastic man show would be hilarious. It could be kid- friendly with few innuendos that fit the character