Funny thought what if Jon Kent was insted Lara or Martha Lane-Kent aka superman daughter and damian wayne develuped a crush on her

I need to first admit I am a shipper of Injustice Damian Wayne and Injustice Kara Zor-El. however, this thought just popped into and i feel it would make an interesting else world one or two-shot: What if Jon Kent was instead Lara or Martha Lane-Kent, and the two developed crushes on each other. one part them growing up and starting to date ending in wedding bells. the other…supermans reactions to his daughter liking his best friends son…who happens to be an arrogant little trained assassin brat.
it the other way around would maybe even funnier to were it’s Helena wayne/Kyle and Jon Kent…can you imagine just how intimidating it would be even for supermans son to ask out batmans little girl and with a great twist his best friends sister. god, that might be even more interesting… I also feel bad for any boy trying to date batman’s little girl as he is just the most intimidating man on the planet.

with superman (Lara) really i just picture him taking some half inch titanium rod, flattening it then tying into a gift wrap ribbon well talking about his nifty new anti kryptonite radiation shielding device. then him getting wacked in the head with a frying pan from Lois. (about the equivilent of a knock it of slap to the head)…which may or may not intimidate damian more.

with batman (Helena) …the guy can scare criminals just buy looking…with them not being able to see his eyes i picture just staring at Jon with a smile well talking about the large stash of several different kinds of kryptonite both natural, artificial, supercharged. how he ground into a powder form capable of being launched as a gas along with the kinds of binding agents he has tested and how they would affect his lungs, and adhere to his skin. and how not even his father would be able to find his body if he hurt his darling little girl, and the kryptonite blade in a lead lined case he gave his daughter.