Funko pops

Does anyone else collect funko pops?


I’ve bought a few from entertainment properties that either have no other merchandise or a relatively small amount compared to other properties. DC has Everests worth of stuff, so I don’t buy those Pops.

I’d like to see more MST3K Pops.

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I went through a phase where I bought a ton of funkos, but now I don’t have anywhere to put them and they mostly take up space in my closet.

:wave: , but I’ve slowed down a bit.

just recently started i have a macho man randy savage pop,the legends of tomorrow set,ant man and the wasp set,black panther unmasked im aiming for the justice league set next

I have 1 I got at black lightning cw comic-con launch, Yosemite Sam.

It’s been a while, but yeah, I’ve got about 21. No complete sets, I just collect the figures I like.

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only a few, still in the box, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Aloy from HZD

Omg I am dying! I saw a custom Stan Lee Pop! Figure but it was almost $40

I have Nightwing, Disco Nightwing and the early Supes and Bats.


While I have several, Mr. Pretty.Poison seems to have a small (and by small, I mean enormous) obsession with them. So, yes, I totally collect them by proxy. :wink:


I have Wonder Woman, The Flash, and the Reverse-Flash.

My son has a ton of them, and I get to step on them all the time. Oh, joy! :woman_facepalming:

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Yeah I have like 200

I have almost every Joker, Harley and Ivy. I also have the funko DC legion of Collectors BTAS Batmobile and Batman Dorbz exclusive that I really am contemplating taking out of the box because it’s so cool :joy:


I have a decent amount of them (not a ton) but only two DC figures: Green Lantern and The Flash. Those are my and my partners favorite characters. We would probably have more DC figures if they made more of the characters we enjoy… Though relooking through the list, it looks like I may have found a few last minute stocking stuffer ideas.

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I have a Poison Ivy bombshell pop signed by Ant Lucia! Took me a while to find it!


I only need the red chase nightwing pop to have every nightwing pop including the teen titans go robins in nightwing costumes

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Anything Horror films I collect especially Freddie, Jason, and Michael Myers.