Funko Mystery Minis: DC - DC Bombshells

I just got a DC Bombshells Poison Ivy. I want to try to collect as many as I can, but whenever I buy blind bags, I end up with three of the same and get discouraged. They’re so cute though.

Went to the park to read some comics and ended up having a photo session for a toy :joy:


I like Ivy against the grass backdrop. Nice pickup and picture!

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I like funkos they are super cool but I dont fo out of my way to get them had a ton gifted to me a long time ago they just sat there and I looked at them from time to time all still in box ended up two weeks ago trading them to a comic book store owner for well comics lol

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I figured he would find a better home for them than I could give em lol

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Neato picture! Reading comics in the park sounds like fun too.

I have a few DC Mystery Minis from assorted lines. They’re neat, but somewhat high on the duplication rate.

wishes Funko would adopt the Mattel Method in identifying what’s in the box

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Thanks @moro I took a lot.

The ones I took with my phone’s camera keep getting flipped around on the forums, but the snapchat ones still come out good.


@fivestarball96 I get what you mean. I have so many Funkos just sitting in a closet. I’ve had a Dorbz Bombshells Black Canary and have yet to find anywhere to put her. The minis are easier to display or put away though. I’m thinking I might get more :slight_smile:

Good on you for finding them a better home. This reminds me I have to watch Toy Story 4!

@Vroom Getting duplicates is the worst. It’s fun not knowing what’s inside, but they’re not exactly the cheapest around.

Reading comics in the park is a lot of fun, until the wind picks up :joy:

@nu52 I had a small army of Mystery Mini BvS Bruce and Alfred. They’re the only two I could ever get from that line.

I kept one of each, customized one of each, then sold the others.

On the upside, when the Suicide Squad MM hit, I got Harley Quinn on my first try. She was the only one I wanted, so that worked out well.

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@Vroom I could never get a Bruce or Alfred. I kept getting Aquaman and Mera. When you get the one that you really want on the first try, it’s the best feeling.

I like these so much more than the normal Funkos! Super adorable, 10/10


This pic is Hilarious thank you nu52

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@nu52 Wow, what irony. Arthur and Mera were two I was looking for. Oh well.

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I think I might like them more than the normal Funkos too @Star0fLyra

@fansumtheory.16165 I have so many more pictures. If the forums didn’t flip the images sideways, I’d post them. :joy:

@Vroom Funny how things work out