Funko DC Primal Age Series Two Review

I’m behind the times, as I got these from Amazon last week (with Flash and Krypto the week before last), but have only had time for their review now.

Bizarro: Fun! I love his head sculpt. It looks like a makeup appliance that could have been used for Bizarro in a movie or TV show (the boys at KNB would dig it I feel).

Accessories are light, with Bizarro’s trademark backwards s-shield emblem serving as a shield. His right hand is a mace and non-removable.

Articulation is: head, shoulders, waist and legs and that is the same for every figure in the wave (minus Krypto of course), so I’ll refrain from discussing articulation any further for the single carded figures.

Black Manta: Wonderful in every way! The details on his armor are fantastic, including the barnacles on his body suit. His helmet evokes a steampunk feel.

He comes with two swords. Unfortunately, they fit very loosely in his hands but as long as you have Manta standing upright, there shouldn’t be any issues with either sword falling from his hands.

The Flash: Nicely done. No real standouts in design or execution but what’s there is nice and very appropriate for what Funko is aiming for with this line. He comes with a lightning bolt shaped sword.

Lex Luthor: a very cool adaptation of Lex’s power armor. The translucent kryptonite gem in his chest is nifty as is the translucent, non-removable kryptonite mace that serves as his left hand. He has no accessories.

Superman: the main hero we’ve all been waiting for and he doesn’t disappoint! The sculpt is nice, detail on his gold armor is solid as are the other elements of his uniform. He comes with a gold shield in the shape of his emblem and his left hand is a big, golden mace.

Krypto is the wonderful choice of a beast pack for this series. He’s fierce, huge and definitely not a dog you play fetch with (you best hope you’re not the stick).

He wears a gold harness with a red cape affixed to it, adhering to Krypto’s general look. He features no accessories or articulation and is pre-posed in a defensive posture. Superman can fit on Krypto fine but not as snugly as I’d prefer.

There you have it, a quick review of the latest wares from Funko’s fun and kooky DC Primal Age line. I’m hoping we get more from this line. A new Aquaman with a huge Tusky beast pack would be fun! Kamandi and his cohorts along with an Apokoliptian hellhound would be perfect fits for this line too.

Have you picked this wave up, and if so, what are your thoughts on it?

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