Funko DC Primal Age Series Two Is Out.

I was at a local music/book/movies joint where I found Flash and Krypto for $12.99 each! They didn’t have any of the other new figures but said they were on order.

Krypto for $13 is a steal when the Bathound and Joker Beast sell for $20.

Head’s up for those interested =)

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Damn it Vroom…I was firmly out on this line. The more I see you post about it, the more I think “Should I?..Nah!” I shall not succumb to the He-Man temptation!

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You…“Have the power!”

…to cave and enjoy this fun mish-mash of a line :wink:

Krypto is really cool! I can’t wait to get Superman and place him atop his beast of a dog.

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