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I was wondering if they finally decided to issue the full story arcs of a comic series instead of just the 1st one. I found out the hard way (around January)that they weren’t doing this. So I wound up reading the first part of the story with the rest of it nowhere to be found. It kinda reminded me of when I was as kid and bought a comic book thinking it was the next in the series just to find out it was the Same one with a different cover. That pretty much ended my comic reading back then. And no way to finish an arc/series will pretty much end it now along with my subscription once the year I paid for is up.

I think you’re asking if the comics are more complete, now?

You may want to taker a look again.


Should I do so by finding out they aren’t after reading the 1st 2 in a series? Not planning to read any more until I know that the whole series is there.

Hello @shopratman :wave:. If you’ve already purchased a year sub, it wont cost you any more $ to head on over to the comics section and take a look.

I promise you’ll be glad you did :grin::+1:t2:

If I knew that I’d be able to read a full story arc/series/whatever. I would agree, but I know how … aggravated I got the last time I got into a series and had no way of finishing it. So I figured I’d ask if they have fixed it so when you start reading you’ll be able to finish the story you started. Since noone can say/is able to give a definitive yes. I can only come to the conclusion that it can happen again. I guess it’s a case in my eyes where less is actually more. If there are 10k titles but a good portion of them aren’t complete then you are worse off than if you had 5k titles but you know your going to finish a series. It doesn’t make sense why they didn’t figure it out to start with. I mean if they hav ed a comic that’s 1 of 10 but not the other 9 seems logical you will only irritate and lose customers who cant finish the series, just so they can n add an extra book to what’s available.

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There’s over 20,000 available here now. I’m sure you’ll find good, complete reads aplenty.

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You really don’t have to read any issues to see what’s available. So, it really wouldn’t waste your time.
And we don’t know what you may be interested in to tell you if a series is complete or not.

Pretty much everything that’s on Comixology, except for most Vertigo titles, are now available here. Up to one year ago.
Now,if you’re reading anything that was still going, or is currently going, new issues of those will be appearing here one year after they were released for sale.

Oh, and I’ll add that DC first entered digital distribution in 2011 with New52.
This means that ‘everything’ since 2011 has been digitized and should be available.

Pre-2011 can be a bit spotty as they’ve been hard at work on digitizing the older comics. But a lot of the key titles from the '80s, '90s and '00s have been fully digitized. And they’ve made some strides in their Silver Age and Golden Age comics, as well. But there can still be holes in runs prior to 2011.

Ok, so, your saying that a series should be complete if it is after 2011, that at least gives me a starting point to look at. As far as not needing to read anything to see whats available is there some way of knowing how many issues are in a run/series/etc. so I can see if they are all there? As a non hardcore comic reader I do not typically know where or what other websites I should use to see if the one I paid for actually has all the comics of a series. As far as what I’m interested in, hard to say, as the way I originally planned to read comics was start with 52 and go from there. and just browse the older comics and if a character looked interesting read a series or 2 from there. btw the 52 I read, was from 2010 and until sometime recently was only the 1st issue. If I could make a suggestion, could they at least make a notation when they do not have the full series of a comic so ppl dont read a few and then discover there are no more online.

Here’s 52… looks like all 52 issues are now up: https://www.dcuniverse.com/comics/series/52/20ce18ce-52d5-4734-b5c9-5fa81381fdc4

As for knowing how many issues a series should have, Mike’s Amazing World of Comics is a great resource.
Also, MyComicShop is an online retailer, but they list all comics, whether they are in stock or not, complete with issue info, making them a good resource to see what’s been released.

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And yeah, if it’s after 2011, it should be complete.
Unless it’s still going, in which case they’ll be added a year after publication.

I think most 1980s and 1990s and 2000s series are complete.