[Friends of the Super Friends] 📺 Monthly 3rd Wednesday Watch-Along May 20th 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET / 8 pm CT / 7 pm MT 📺

didn’t have enough change for a call… wow, ok

Change :smiley:

oh cool, the Prof is here too

Yup and crushing on WW

I’ve never cared for Firestorm. He does seem like a good choice for a kids’ show, though.

Ronnie, that is

can’t get enoujgh of hearing the “REAL” Batman and Robin

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That’s some computer that can figure out he’s two in one

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Aw, the beams didn’t zig-zag.

College days

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We really need John Vernon to show up as the disapproving dean.

I like that graphic, the merging

wait is that Black Lightning?

Black Vulcan again

ah, the lightning comment confused Grandpa Don-el

Woo hoo for Firestorm

Announcer so serious

It is Black Lightning…but they didn’t want to pay the creator of BL, so they made a “new character.”

oh my

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Ah, nothing like “do anything” powers. He’d be good friends with Scarlet Witch. :stuck_out_tongue: