Friendly Reminder: Respect Fellow Members (Of All Comic Fandoms)

Greetings, Friends!

This reminder is in no way intended to call out a single person, but rather to call attention to an important topic; ALL comic book fans are fellow members, whether they are fans of DC, or of other publisher’s titles.

We recently had a thread that we decided to remove that asked what we on the forums didn’t like about another publisher. If you saw the thread, you know what I’m referring to. Because it did not explicitly violate any of our community guidelines, we decided to allow it, in the interest of an open discourse. But it didn’t quite sit right with us.

Again, no one did anything wrong here, and it was a spirited conversation that stayed relatively civil. To make sure our expectations are clear, we will be working to craft a series of Posting Guidelines to complement our Community Guidelines. More on this in the next few weeks.

After retiring to the study to brood in the moonlight, the decision to remove the thread was made. We do continue to support expression of any and all opinion, given that it’s expressed with the Community Guideline s in mind ( But above all, our priority is to cultivate a positive community where any comic book fan can feel supported.

Let’s work together to show the world that we as DC fans are striving to be part of a positive, more inclusive comic book culture. We have the best freaking comic book community around (if I do say so myself), and I’m incredibly excited to see just how much impact we can make together.

In the words of the Godfather…


The Community Guidelines and upcoming posting guidelines really need to be prominently displayed where new members can easily see them. A new member is unlikely to search the help section to find out how this community behaves. They are more likely to bring past accepted practices from other forums with them and that will just make more work for you guys.

If they can be easily seen, then there can’t be excuses for not understanding the philosophy of these fora. But human nature being what it is, people aren’t going to go looking for rules or guidelines if they are not readily available and obvious.


Agreed, @LonelyLobo. We’re working on an entire overhaul of the forum software/functionality and UI design that is heavily focused on improving the on-boarding process for new members. Because of the size of the project these changes aren’t due to take effect immediately, but rest assured visibility of the guidelines is a high priority in the restructure.


P. S. “Fora”. Love the breadth of your community vocabulary.


Speaking of new members

I see on a lot of threads that member was reading a series and now believes series is gone.

I believe what is happening was that series was promoted on the main pages and then dropped from those pages.

Member doesn’t know about browse all or it is hard to find on their platform.

Especially sad is when another member says series is here and first member doesn’t say found it. I think they just gave up.


I agree with @Applejack concerning the DCU Community experience and quality. I’ve checked out other Twitter and Redditt boards, and they lack the warmth and fun that can be experienced here. As I’ve stated dirextly to Applejack on the “Appendix” communiy Dischord DCU Book Club channel, I also haven’t found this unique combination of digital reading / TV Movie viewing with Community anywhere else, and I do believe this very special interactive dynamic will win the day for this little humble Beta experiment in the wilds of the Internet we call the DC Universe Streaming service!



This is one of those things you dont want to do but should do. Its tough, but good choice.


I think this is a wonderful idea. For the most part our community here is lovely to interact with. I see all kinds of healthy, kind-hearted discussion taking place, even on subjects that would seem divisive. But I certainly see the need for guidelines on posting. I think this is another good step toward making the DCU forums a welcoming and friendly environment for all. As always, much love to the mods for all the effort. It was a tough decision to remove the post, I’m sure, but I do agree that it was the right one.

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I’ve always preferred DC, but appreciate the other companies because without competition the product would not be good. Marvel has a lot of great points and characters. If Marvel went away, DC would quickly be able to absorb the rest of the competition. If there is no competition, there is nobody to try and do better than. WWE proved this when they bought WCW. I understand being passionate about one or the other, but you also have to know that without the other you won’t get the product you are used to.


I read a ton of DC titles but a ton of books from other publishers as well and I appreciate being able to include the “other titles” while sharing my pull lists and discussing the stories I’m most excited about.

Comics are fun and should never be anything other than fun. Whether you read a single title or you read them all. Let’s just encourage each other to have fun! Let’s not turn this into an unpleasant experience.

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Sorry I won’t post nice things about marvel

@Davidbizzarr1000, this is in reference to NOT nice things about fellow publishers. Nice things welcome :slight_smile:


People that like marvel on here tend to get upset about others not liking marvel. Honestly they are more aggressive than the ones that don’t like marvel. People can trash dc and nobody goes in the offensive but when others mention anything bad about marvel they get attacked. It’s recognizable users too and it’s uncalled for. Threads that trash talk dc don’t get attacked or deleted. These are just things I notice and it seems kinda unfair.


Btw I’ve never gotten into any confrontations on here as I try to avoid that. I’ve just noticed marvel fans seem to be pretty aggressive when others are simply stating their opinion. I’ve been called a snob, not a true fan, an elitist lol when I’m just a fan that had an opinion.


Now I can’t get all my built up frustration at Gold Key out of my system. But, I guess it’s better that way.


@SouthPark, I’ve seen DC blasted for changing the stories from the comics (Doomsday) while Marvel was praised for the same (Civil War). I get what you mean with that.


As you can tell by my name, I am a Marvel fan as well but DC has always been my main choice of comics and comic based things. I also have mad respect for Dark Horse.

I’m not going to throw any shade at other companies, or their fans, but I’m here on a DC comics site and I expect to talk about all of the great DC content that’s here. I don’t want to dwell on other fandoms I have no interest in


@msgtv, Gold Key - Harvey flame war! :smiley:

Jk, of course;)