Friday Night WAL Hiatus- Returning September 6th

Hey all my fellow Community members and Watch-Along-ers! Pretty.Poison.Bombshell here (obviously) with an update to our Friday night Watch-Alongs! :woman_red_haired:

Since we are currently in-between Original series, with Swamp Thing ending last week and Titans not starting until Sept. 6th, we have decided to take a 4 week hiatus from the Friday night Watch-Alongs, beginning this Friday, Aug. 9th.

Don’t worry though! We’ll be back on Sept. 6th for a Titans - Season 2 kick-off! And, of course, we still have Young Justice: Outsiders to watch with Zatanna during Saturday Night Cartoons! :sparkles:

“But, PPD, that’s an awful long time, what will you be doing during those 4 weeks?” 🤷

Well, I am so glad you asked! I, and the rest of the team, will be using this time to prepare for Community 2.0 and plan for DC Universe: Year One, our future Watch-Alongs, and other Community events!

:tv: I’ll see you all around the forums and can’t wait for Sept. 6th!!! :tv:


Been absent for a bit on the forums: what is DC Universe: Year One? Is it a sort of capstone update for the first year of the app?


YYFY, I think their going to bake us all cakes

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Hopefully we learn more at Office Hours Tomorrow.

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Hey all! That’s what we are calling our soon-to-be one year anniversary!


DC Universe: Year One sounds sweet, dope, fly, da bomb diggity, fresh and kewl! Can’t wait to see what it entails.

Will Frank Miller be stoppin’ by with nachos (hopefully NOT Flanders Style nachos, those suck and Frank prolly knows a good nacho).

Looking forward to the Titans S2 WAL =)