Free comics for signing up

i was told if I sign up on the app today or by the need of the end of the weekend I would get some exclusive comic for free. I was just wondering where do I go to claim this or was I supposed to do it there?

I’m not sure what offer you’re referring to as far as claiming a free physical comic. If it was an offer at the SDCC then it would’ve probably been redeemed there at a booth.

OK I thought I was going crazy, but I mean, not for this I guess. This same thread was posted as a duplicate and we answered the question there:

I was like OMG did that kid get their comic, I know we answered them!! And freaked out a little not seeing any replies.

ANYWHO. Yes, there was an offer at SDCC for people who went to the DC Universe booth and agreed to buy an annual subscription. They got a set of variant covers.