Free Comic Book Day!

Hope everyone going has a great time! I am going to pick up some trades also today and just read all weekend. :two_hearts::heart_eyes:

Thanks overall for giving me a positive place to discuss and read about comics. With most venues being so negative the hidden best feature of DCU is the curated forum.


Happy Free Comic Book Day 2019!

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Wooo hooo Ithaca NY here we come!!!

cues up “Holiday Road” for DE

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FCBD is awesome

I’m looking to get:

Dear Justice League
Midnight Sky
Under the Moon

What are you hoping to get?

Honestly I haven’t researched it real well, I’ll definitely take your cues thanks so much Colville!

Along with all the surprises on free comic book day I love when they have the drastic cut sales on graphic novels / collections. I picked up a big fat World Finest with content from the 50s and 60s volume, still sealed in plastic as I recall, a year or two ago.

My wife’s idea of being festive for this is wearing blue and then red undergotchies …golly , what a gall!!!

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Based on what I saw online, the two stores that I would’ve been happy to give business to aren’t doing anything interesting for this special day.

One has free comics and no sales on anything. The other’s hours are inconvenient for me.

I got Year of the Villain on Wednesday and did some pre-FCBD shopping last night, so I’m happy =)


I went and picked up a lot of free comics and a Sundance special of Yoga Hosers which I didn’t know Kevin Smith did as a comic lol! Now how do I get Harley to sign it :grin:


The Emil Ferris book (my favorite thing is monsters) was my must get. I got that and some kids stuff for my nieces.

I usually pick up a few comics I never seen before or know nothing about This year I picked up a comic called Lady Mechanical It was interesting enough I ordered a trade off of Amazon

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I got some interesting non-DC stuff. RED 5’s “The Dark Age” looks promising, as well as Fallen World from Valiant.

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I got The Dark Age also. It does look to be an interesting series. Had great sales at my store also. Almost completed my Deathstroke run.

Wasn’t able to do much for FCBD but got a handfull of free comics from the two stores closest to me. Got to see some of my former co-workers from the store I used to work at, and made out with some Superman’s from the dollar bin comics. So not a total waste.