Free comic book day! Comic crawl May 2020

So some people like pub crawls, but my husband and I started a tradition of the Free Comic book day crawl. It seems to be the Black Friday for comics and geek gear. There were so many good sales back in 2015, we couldn’t decide where to go, so we hit 6 comic shops in one day. We made it a challenge since then. We made it to 11 in 2019. We are going for 12 this year. I love free comic book day. Some shops have celebrity guests, local artists, mini cons, contests, trivia, and bargain bins. Anyone else love this like a holiday?


My hometown holds a 12km road race (jogging, walking, roll your baby strollers, etc.) every year and it ALWAYS falls on the day after Free Comic Book Day. One of our comic book shops is located downtown where much of the race runs through. The day before the race has loads of activity all over downtown from the flocks of people who come in from all over the country and other parts of the world doing sign-up activity and whatnot. Downtown gets pretty busy for reasons not related to Free Comic Book Day. Its not so busy that it becomes a burden, but that part of town gets noticeably more animated at that time of the year and to me, that is just part of the whole Free Comic Book Day experience.

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I can’t believe there are 12 comic stores where you live. How far do you travel to get to all those stores?

I have done 4 comic shops on FCBD and this year I think I’m going try for as many as I can get done :oncoming_automobile:


St. Louis area, we probably travel 150 miles total to go to the surrounding county. Shops typically have extended hours on FCBD too. 1st shop is usually 8am and a couple places stay open to Midnight. I don’t Black Friday shop but I love these door buster sales. One place does 10 cent back issues. We still have quite a few close to us.

Last years list:

All the Rage
Fantasy Shop SC
Justin’s comics
Comic Relief
Dark side comics
All American Comics
Comic book Headquarters
St. Louis Comics
Apotheosis Comics
Villainous Grounds
Not Just Comics