Free Batman Game Coming to Epic Game Store Next Week!

Though it’s unknown what game will be available, on September 19th-26th a Batman title will be available for FREE on Epic Games Store. All you need to play is a PC and an Epic Games Account!


@Nathan.Payson, I cannot even express the decibel level my oldest seedling reached when I told him of this…I’ll just say thank goodness the community is a written word and not verbal or I’d be like the little old lady with the hearing trumpet saying, “Huh?” every few seconds. :rofl:


But which one is it? Lol

All they have is a pic, I really hope it’s not the trash Telltale Batman games.

I hope it’s something exclusive for Epic store!!!

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Best Case Scenario: New original video game!

Unlikely but extremely welcome scenario: Port of a previous game never before on PC!

Most likely scenario: LEGO Batman 1, Batman: Arkham Asylum, or Batman: The Telltale Series, Season 1.

@Gibbyhertz, what’s wrong with the Telltale games? I thought they were… good? Maybe. At least the first one. The second one though was a little boring.

Ok, this could be good. PC only? No mobile or Mac?

Guess what it’s actually 6 games!

The Arkham Trilogy AND the LEGO Batman trilogy

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I already have just about all those games on my Steam account, but it’s cool to see all of them for free on the EGS for those that don’t own all the Batman games like I do. Perhaps I’ll add them to my EGS account anyway just to collect them.