Fourth World Problems: Vacations

It doesn’t really matter how beautiful New Genesis can be when people are always fighting, eventually someone’s bandaid is going to fall off and no one wants to find that.


Another winner! Here’s a post-awkward moment addition…

As Oberon walked back to the beach, he thought aloud “Scott and Barda said not to bring a Scotch on the rocks into the ocean. I said “What could happen?” as I walked into the waves. By the Source, no more ocean booze for me!”

Oberon then walked over to the Kirby’s Concessions snack stand and ate a corn dog as he stared out into the waves.


Kirby’s concession stand. Well played.

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Kirby’s also sells a special edition of the Krackle candy bar where they call it the “Kirby Krackle”.

Oberon bought two, one for Barda and one for Scott as a way of saying “You were right, and I was wrong.”

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Band-aids in public pools and beaches were always a sure way of getting me out of there ASAP :sweat_smile: