Fortress of Sweepstakes Day 7/10: The Joker Exhibit!

Link to Enter: Enter Our Fortress of Sweepstakes: The Joker Exhibit

Welcome to Day 7 of our Fortress of Sweepstakes!

Welcome to DC Universe’s Fortress of Sweepstakes! Every day from December 14th through December 24th, we will unveil a new cherry-picked sweepstakes featuring items themed to a different superhero or villain. Make sure you visit every day to enter for a chance to win!

We wanted to celebrate everything about our Clown Prince of Crime and all the wonderful laughs he has! First in this prize pack we have a DC Collectibles DC Core statue, looking dapper and dangerous as he rides high atop his own maniacal laughter, a unique and integrated base built of actual “HA HA HAs.” We also had to include the DC Collectibles Joker Fish, because it’s what he would have wanted. To round out all this infectious laughter, we’re throwing in some wind-up chattering teeth to call your very own!

And of course, no Joker sweepstakes would be complete without what some are calling the best comic book of 2018, Sean Murphy’s Batman: White Knight.

And always remember- if you gotta go, go with a smile!

Enter this giveaway for a chance to win now through Friday, December 21st @9am PST!


Good luck all - I have to admit I am super jealous of this one :stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck, fellow clown friends :slight_smile:


The Joker statue and Joker fish looks really cool! :slight_smile:



Entered. Come on home Mr J!

I did it before this post good luck I have my fingers crossed for a crowbar

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The clown prince would look great at my barbershop

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I need that fish, hahahahahaha…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


lol, I’d get the Joker figure where he’s holding a razor if I had a barber shop.

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I have signed up for all the sweepstakes but this is the one I’d love to win the most!

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Y’all made sure he got his cut of the profits for using his fish right? If not some paper pushers might be in some trouble lol


Jokes on you! Good luck to all the participants, As long as a fan who appreciates DC and it’s fine work I’m good with that, Happy Holidays to all! Looks like the batmobile lost its wheel! HA ha Ha ha


When do they let people know if or what theyve won


When the say “keep an eye on your inbox” are they referring to email?



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Yes pleaZe!

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@CaRon and @Jonfly10, winners are alerted via e-mail. There are privacy limitations surrounding publicly announcing winners, but we do offer a private method that you can find in the Official Rules of the sweepstakes page. Hope this helps!