Fortress of Sweepstakes Day 6/10: The Aquaman Exhibit!

Link to Enter: Enter Our Fortress of Sweepstakes: The Aquaman Exhibit

Welcome to Day 6 of our Fortress of Sweepstakes!

Every day from December 14th through December 24th, we will unveil a new cherry-picked sweepstakes featuring items themed to a different superhero or villain. Make sure you visit every day to enter for a chance to win!

We are incredibly excited to announce Warner Bros. Pictures’ partnership with Xbox to create a very limited amount of custom Aquaman-skinned Xbox One consoles! And for 24 hours, one lucky DC Universe fan will have a chance to win!

Joining this beautiful piece of machinery is a Deluxe Edition of Aquaman: Underworld, by Dan Abnett and Stjepan Sejic. There’s no better way to dive right into the world of Aquaman than by entering this sweepstakes.

Enter this giveaway for a chance to win now through December 20th at 9am PST!


I want this so bad!!! I only have an xbox 360!!!


Best of luck, @oboyleeditor.84777! :slight_smile:

Wow, just epic. I want this badly!!!

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Damn I missed catwoman and Harley prizes :worried:

So cool!~

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I want this so bad! I can’t afford anything like this.

I haven’t won a sweepstakes yet, maybe this is the time! Also is this available to purchase anywhere?

Make sure everyone enters - the countdown is on! Good luck :slight_smile:

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Can a game console be considered a piece of art? Guess so, because that is beautiful!


@tdfellrath.14365, they made 6 different ones (if memory serves). Black Manta, Mera, … another Arthur… okay maybe they made 4. But they’re all just as beautiful!

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It really is, @tdfellrath.14365!

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Omg! It looks amazing!


Is the console an Xbox One X or just a regular Xbox One?

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This would look great under the Xmas :evergreen_tree:.
Pick me DC… #Loveit

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Permission to win this sweepstakes? Play on Arthur’s line from the movie.


Please DC gods let luck be with me! :slight_smile: I need this in my life so much.


My man!!! Yahoo!!! Another epic giveaway.

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How do the winners get notify?

Is the Xbox an Xbox One X or S or just a plain Xbox One?

Man I missed out on all the other sweeps I hope I win this one though.