Fortress of Sweepstakes Day 10/10: The Batman Exhibit!

Link to enter: Enter Our Fortress of Sweepstakes: The Batman Exhibit

Welcome to the FINAL DAY of of our Fortress of Sweepstakes! Every day from December 14th through December 24th, we will unveil a new cherry-picked sweepstakes featuring items themed to a different superhero or villain. Make sure you visit every day to enter for a chance to win!

For our final exhibit in the Fortress of Sweepstakes, we’re giving the people prizes they want AND deserve: A Life-size replica of Batman’s cowl from The Dark Knight, an adorable Hallmark Batman tree ornament, and a stunning edition of Absolute All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder, by Frank Miller and Jim Lee.

The Batman The Dark Knight 1:1 Scale Cowl Replica is derived from cowl designs from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight film. This superb life-size reproduction measures 18-inches tall, is made of fiberglass, and comes complete with a pedestal display stand. It is unfortunately not wearable, but much like Santa’s generosity, you can still embody the spirit of Batman all year round with this cowl displayed in your home.

Enter this giveaway for a chance to win now through Monday, December 24th @9am PST!


I NEED this in my life!


This is the one for me I hope I win


It’s a must have for any Batfan! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Good luck, everyone! :raised_hands::raised_hands:


I really hope I get this or the Robin one. But I can’t seem to find anywhere, where it may say when they will choose a winner of each daily prize. Does anyone know?

NEED THIS!! good luck everyone

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Batman is my favorite I want this one bad!

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yah must be nice! its telln me th sweepstakes is ALREADY CLOSED!! ITS NOT EVN 3PM (CENTRAL TIME) ON TH 23RD (AS OF RIGHT NOW)!! :rage::rage::rage:

I’m having the same problem it says the sweepstakes is closed already

Wish they would fix the entry for this one say Sweepstakes is Closed already
This would be the best B-day present ever

Fixed :slight_smile: We’ll leave this sweeps live an hour longer to make up for the delay.

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Anyone know where the list of winners is?

@versus666.67523, we do not post the list of winners due to laws regarding privacy. But our terms and conditions provide a write-in method to receive the list of winners.

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@applejack thanks

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Are the winners notified daily after each sweepstakes or after the whole thing is over will winners be notified

Are the winners chosen the day after the sweepstakes for that day ends? Or will all the winners be chosen after all of them are done?


I love the Robin and Flash the best

How do you see winner?

I entered all 10 I’m hoping I can get at lest one of them good luck to all who entered