Form a dream team

Team has a max of 9 slots a minimum of 5

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This is my New Justice team that I’ve written two Fan Fiction Creations.

01 Power Girl leader Earth 2
02 Huntress Helena Wayne Earth 2
03 Red Arrow Roy Harper
04 Green Lantern Jessica Cruz
05 Cyborg
06 Raven
07 Beast Boy
08 Martian Manhunter
09 Metamorpho

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  1. Batman
  2. Superman
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Martian Manhunter
  5. Flash (Barry)
  6. Green Lantern (Hal)
  7. Zatanna
  8. Hawkgirl
  9. Cyborg
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The Justice Club

Ambush Bug, 'Mazing Man, and G’Nort (the greatest Green Lantern) form the initial group.

Bug’s sidekick, Cheeks the Toy Wonder, and G’Nort’s sidekick, Sax Girl, act as reserves.

Later… Bat-Mite, Larfleeze, The Secret, and The Scarlet Skier will eventually join the fold.

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Phantom stranger
The spectre
Doctor fate
Swamp thing
Madam Xanadu

My mystic justice league team


Batman. That’s all.

Red Hood
A reformed Two-Face
Renee Montoya as the Question
Ravager Rose Wilson
Harley Quinn

Red Hood and the Outsiders

The A-List:

  1. Geoff Johns
  2. Jim Lee
  3. Scott Williams

The A-List’s muscle:

  1. Gail Simone
  2. Greg Rucka
  3. Nicola Scott

The A-List, comin at ya!

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