Forgotten Love Interests You'd Wish They Bring Back?

There has been plenty of discussion of the traditional superhero love interests on these forums. Are there any love interests in the DC lore, you’d like to see brought back into continuity? Maybe you have some you’d rather forget?


I’m gonna have to have a think about ones to come back, but I can immediately think of one I would rather forget.



Agreed! :confounded:


I think it would be really fun to see a new spin on Silver St. Cloud!

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I’d be interested in that! Are you thinking just a new narrative around her or like turning her into a hero/villain?

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That’s a good question! I don’t know, I definitely think they could give her more to do than hang on Bruce’s arm. It would be interesting if in her time away she became a hero in her own right. The way she and Batman broke up before gives me the idea she could be a self sufficient character that doesn’t need fixing (i.e Catwoman/Talia) Maybe Batman could have a relationship that’s not toxic for once.

There’s always Lori Lemaris. She’s died twice (Crisis and Infinite Crisis), but hasn’t appeared since the new 52 in mainstream continuity. (She’s in Miller’s Black Label book).

I always thought Is she showed up with a super strong mer kid, that could cause all kind of drama.