Forgot I Had These (Flea Market finds)

Back in 2009 I was in Dallas visiting family and went to a large flea market. I paid $5 for a box of old comics, 15 in the box, and found these.

Superman #90 July 1954

Batman #83 April 1954

Action Comics #189 February 1954

There was also a Captain America #76 from May 1954. Anybody else have any good finds from garage sales, flea markets, attics, etc?


My 1st comic ever was Joker issue #1. All my comics as a kid were from the same flea market. I listed it for put your local comic store on the map. We just got our 1st comic stores here. I went once. Way over priced. Bought a figure & left. I’ll stick to the flea market over that specific store. Nice grabs btw!!!


wow, I think you scored big!


Nice haul!


Nothing quite as good as that. I always have the opposite problem. People think their comics are worth more than they are. Maybe one day I’ll score a jackpot! That’s a great find.

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I love the red and black background of the Batman comic. The old covers were way cool.

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