Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion

I am not complaining, I think it is cool DC added some variety. But am I the only one who things Forbidded Tales of Dark Mansion has to be the most random addition in all of the comics library on here?

I hope DC Universe offers even more “deep cuts” in the comics library, as the company published a lot of horror/sci-fi in its past. Of course, this was pre-Vertigo… stuff like “House of Mystery,” “House of Secrets,” “Strange Adventures” and “The Unexpected.”


I was actually super pumped to find it here. I’ve been wanting to read that along with the other old anthology series for a long time.

I absolutely love these older titles. To me, having the House of Mystery and House of Secrets present in the DC Universe (not the service, the literal DC Universe) really adds to the mystique and lore of the world that these characters live in. To go back and delve into where these Houses came from is awesome!

Yeah I like that one cuz it had a Jack Kirby comic in there